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Enzyme is a treasure, their own to do better! Afraid of miscellaneous bacteria, fear of explosion, afraid of trouble, afraid of long time and so on, the source of the enzyme, to solve all of your homemade enzyme trouble! Or will not do to see here oh ~ handsome guy beautiful woman home demonstration, eating enzymes, environmental protection enzymes do together, environmental protection and saving, look at it! The story begins before the first, men and women like bright pig, this knife, this means the little eyes ~ ~ ~ ~ ~... The value burst table! fruit selection  beauty stomach is not very good customer, so I want to do the whole intestinal detoxification enzymes, we chose the season common fresh fruit: apple, pear, orange, pineapple and banana, pitaya, these fruits are sweet, taste will do so out of ferment sour sweet, good drink.  fruit is basically cut into very small, can promote fermentation, shorten the fermentation time.  note: apple skin and pear peel contain more natural enzymes, so it is recommended not to remove, the best way is to wash clean, with the green enzyme bubble, so there will be no pesticide residues.  peel and kernel  left a lot of edible ferment peels and seeds, these are baby, don't waste. Peel the banana peel, pineapple peel, etc., can be directly plug in environmental protection enzyme which is matched filter band, the enzyme can be used to mopping the floor, washing dishes, toilet brush and so on, so save yo ~ ~ [fruit do not deliberately weighing, in the specified position is good, is in the point above the basic filtering device. Is about three or four pounds]  * The fixed part of  fruit in a container, put sugar into pieces put in. Good brown sugar should be condensed as stone breaking, such as sand, sweet flavor with rich biological sugarcane. The attention of the  sugar choice, the supermarket is red sugar do not use it, source of enzyme is a pure natural round special sugar sucrose, more suitable for enzyme.  water seal  after the above a series of devices, you can add water sealed to save, wait three months, you can drink it! The pressure plate inside, add water, prevent the flesh to level above, the position of water before the mesh plate about a centimeter. Then according to the mapping steps sealed well, write the date, it will be accomplished ingredients! Find a cool dark place, please wait for the continuation of the Shurangama mantra, good ~ (note that now the weather is hot, after the enzyme must remember to loosen the exhaust valve, exhaust to facilitate better oh ~)  environmental enzymes also do up  enzymes have been processed, and then we have to deal with environmental enzymes it! The special environmental protection enzymes into brown sugar spheres, then packed filter, plug! Plug! Plug! Into the earth's environmental enzymes inside the enzyme device inside, add water, sealed! Then take the Shurangama mantra, is not good!  advisory services  ok! Now the whole process is over! And do not know how to start consulting friends! Binjiang District, Hangzhou can do it on behalf of the door! Without the tube rice yo ~~  micro signal: 15858881300   micro signal that the phone!  

酵素是个宝,自家做更好    酵素是个宝,自家做更好   
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